"The Cat, the Bat and the Very Ugly" is the first episode of the second season of The Batman.


Penguin and Catwoman join forces to steal a pair of valuable gems that - when together - harness the power of sun and light. With these two statues, Gotham could be destroyed in an instant. Penguin wants to hold the city ransom, but Catwoman just wants one of the two statues for herself. This doesn’t fly with The Penguin, causing problems between the two new partners. when the Batman arrives to stop them, Catwoman is double-crossed by Penguin, who handcuffs her to the Dark Knight. With the handcuffs wired to explode if removed, the pair are forced to work together to stop Penguin – which arouses suspicion from Detective Yin as she tests her new partnership with the Batman.

Voice Cast and Characters


  • Batman knows how to read Egyptian.
  • Catwoman and Penguin’s team-up is similar to the movie “Batman Returns”.
  • Catwoman says that Penguin has blue eyes. They’re more of a greenish-blue.

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