"Meltdown" is the seventh episode of the second season of The Batman.


Despite intensive rehabilitation, Ethan Bennett again takes the form of Clayface in order to seek revenge against The Joker, the man who turned him into that monster. Ethan Bennett had undergone extensive rehabilitation including some with Arkham's head psychiatrist, Dr. Hugo Strange, to cure his "Clayface" affliction, but as strong as he’d like to think he is, he has a small weakness that is exploited, causing him to catapult back into a life encased in clay. The weakness? Revenge against the man who's responsible for his condition. That's right: the Joker is on the loose with both The Batman and Ex-Detective Bennett hot on his stilt-enhanced heels.

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  • Joker is shown wearing his original custom-made straitjacket instead of his usual and traditional purple suit and spats and is also seen wearing shoes for the first and only time in the whole series.

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