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"The Big Chill" is the sixth episode of the animated series The Batman.


Using his new ice powers, Mr. Freeze steals the rarest and most valuable diamonds all over Gotham. When he and Batman first cross paths, he tells the Bat he's the reason why he's a cryogenic monster. It's because of a much earlier chase between them, which led to a cryogenics lab. He will stop at nothing to make Gotham his own personal domain, unless the Batman can think of a way to stop this menace.

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  • Batman destroyed a block of ice by just running into it.
  • Freeze's jewels switch from his right hand to his left hand.
  • Freeze's method of transportation is similar to that traditionally used by Marvel's Iceman of the X-Men.
  • The episode's title is the same as an alien Ben can turn into in Ben 10: Alien Force/Ultimate Alien/Omniverse, which is called Big Chill. His appearance is similar to the cryptid Moth Man, but is blue and has powers also similar to Mr. Freeze.
  • This contains Easter egg references to the classic Christmas songs such as Baby It’s Cold Outside and Let it Snow.

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