Escaping Ffogg's fog in the winch room, The Dynamic Duo, accompanied by Alfred, race to the Ffogg estate to save Batgirl, who is still chained up in the dungeon and about to be finished off by Ffogg and Peasoup with some lethal fog pellets. Robin arrives at the estate but is spotted and lured by Lady Prudence to Lord Ffogg's hive of African Death Bees. Meanwhile, Ffogg and Peasoup discover that the lethal fog pellets have gone stale and they rush off to find some more, allowing Batman time to sneak into the dungeon...but is surprised by the returning Lord, who shoves him downstairs, followed by fresh fog pellets. While both Batman and Batgirl are left to perish in the dungeon threatened by lethal gas pellets, Robin is stung by the deadly queen African bee and left to die in the girls' dormitory. Lord Ffogg, Lady Peasoup and the gang plan to forge ahead with the theft of The Crown Jewels and leave for The Tower Of Londinium. Fortunately, with the help of Alfred and the unexpected arrival of Aunt Harriet in Londinium, the tables finally turn: Robin, with the use of an African Death Bee Antidote Pill, is saved from bee-death and rushes outside to The Batmobile to greet Alf; meanwhile, in the dungeon, Batman disperses the poisonous fog with Anti-Lethal-Fog Batspray, saves Batgirl, and uses her rope to perform an Indian rope trick to escape through an overhead grating. En masse, The Dynamic Trio arrive in time to foil Ffogg's plans to swipe the jewels. Following the ensuing Batfight, Ffogg, fearing apprehension, tries to escape using his fog pipe, but The Caped Crusader thwarts this attempt with his Pipe Of Fog Batreverser and he and Superintendant Watson take the entire group into custody. Later, back at Gotham City Police HQ, The Dynamic Duo leave Gordon's office and sees The Catwoman immediately dive into an elevator...







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