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"The Cat and the Bat" is the fourth episode of the first season of The Batman.


After ensuing in a lengthy chase with his new foe, Catwoman, Batman's utility belt gets swiped. Now, with his belt in the wrong hands, Batman must figure out how to find the cat burglar before she puts his belt to no good use.

Voice Cast and Characters


  • Apparently the utility belt has a locking mechanism.
  • Robinson Sprang is a reference to two comic book writers, Jerry Robinson and Dick Sprang.
  • The Murakami Lion is a reference to director Glen Murakami.
  • Batman gets a piece of his belt from Catwoman that was never missing.
  • The line, "That's not what THEY think." is used twice; the first time with Batman and Catwoman fighting the ninjas, then after the fight with Batman getting his gear back from her with the same loop and pitch.
  • Keone Young and Ming-Na would both later be on Mulan II.


Catwoman: Hmm. This'll come in handy when I'm on the prowl.

Catwoman: Nice cowl. Really sets off your chin.

Katsu: I must insist you stay.

Catwoman: And I must insist you eat steel!

Batman: You can stop playing hard to get.

Catwoman: And give up the thrill of the chase?

Catwoman: Batman and Catwoman connected? Hmm ... he looks tall, dark, and handsome.

(On the TV)

Sprang: So, would you say the idea of a Batman/Catwoman link wasn't so farfetched after all?

Ellen: Yes, it's clear now that they work together to take down Katsu ... as a vigilante team.

Alfred: Not quite what I had in mind when I encouraged you to meet women who share your interests, Master Bruce. But it's a start.

Batman: If Catwoman were somehow, some way able to trace the signal back here --

Alfred: We would have to rename it "The Catcave."

Alfred: Enjoy your drive, sir?

Batman: It had its twists and turns.

Catwoman: Hate to cut our first date short, cutie, but I like to leave a man wanting more.

Katsu: It is said cats have nine lives. Destroy her ten times over!

Katsu: The cat returns to Katsu. How poetic.

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