Waiting until after The Clock King has left, Batman and Robin topple the hourglass over onto its side by rocking it back and forth. Then run inside the glass until it rolls outside and smash open the glass against a truck, releasing them. The Clock King, meanwhile, is enraged on learning one of his men accidentally planted his Automatic Energy Directional Control Switch, meant for a bomb to be used in his final caper: in a clock bought by Dick Greyson's Aunt Harriet as a birthday present for Bruce Wayne! Clock King and his Second Hands invade Wayne Manor to steal back the mistakenly rigged clock, and proceeds to purloin Bruce Wayne's priceless collection of antique pocket watch collection and Aunt Harriet herself, before being interrupted by Bruce and Dick, who steal back the watches and Aunt Harriet! Working on slim clues, the two crimefighters then act on an earlier remark made by CK, and they race to the Gotham Clock Tower to foil The Clock King's plan to steal a valuable Cesium clock by using the clock's mechancial blacksmith to set off a bomb. With the help of a wild shot fired by one of the Second Hands, Batman and Robin use the intricate mechanism of the clock tower to bring their foes to an untimely end.


Batman and Robin meets Egghead!




  • Clock King's hideout
  • bell tower
  • stately Wayne manor
  • Pelle art gallery

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