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The novelization of the film The Dark Knight, in instances of events and characters not seen in the film, the novel is intended to expand upon its canon. It was written by Dennis O'Neil, who also wrote the Batman Begins adaptation.





  • Tumbler
  • Batpod
  • Bruce Wayne's MV Augusta Brutale
  • Korean Smugglers' C-130 cargo plane



  • Batarang
  • Sticky Bomb Launcher
  • Ceramic .28 Caliber
  • Joker Poison




Diffrences from the film[]

  • A great deal of backstory for Harvey Dent, including his parents, Harry and Lucy, and how Harvey came to meet Rachel.
  • The Joker, while posing as Bozo before the opening bank robbery, sees an elderly woman about to cross the street and is about to push her in the path of an oncoming bus, but instead decides to give her a $100 bill. Denny O'Neil often uses this character beat as an example of The Joker's unpredictability.
  • The Chechen has a lackey named Burton who told him about Scarecrow, and set up the meeting for them.
  • Scarecrow sold his drug to a junkie for little money, then after he took the drug was killed by Scarecrow, with the intention of learning its effects.
  • Joker Venom is utilized in the novel, on a private detective that Sal Maroni hires to find information on the Joker.
  • Apparently originally a knife held the note to Brian Douglas' chest, but an alternate scene was filmed showing the note held by a pin.
  • Following the charity event in Bruce's penthouse,  a scene describing the Joker's escape is put in:
"The Joker looked back toward the penthouse as his getaway car sped away. He breathed hard, exhilarated even as a stream of blood ran down his face and tells the driver how the Batman saved Rachel and starts to wonder if they have a relationship or Batman does this with everyone and this can lead to his downfall. He smacked the back of the driver's seat. Driver: "What do we do about Dent?" The Joker: "I'm a man of my word.""
―Excerpt from the novel
  • Instead of saying he's going after Rachel, Batman said "Dent knew the risks."
  • Rachel's last words before dying: "Bruce. Harvey. I love you."
  • Gordon made it clear that the Joker switched the locations of Rachel and Harvey in his directions and cries.