The Director is the nephew of a highly successful movie director who turned to villainy, because he didn't like following orders.


His first appearance is in Batman: Streets of Gotham #12, Jenna Duffy is requested by The Director. His business is handed by her partner, the Broker. She got his respect when his bodyguards ambushed her, but she defeated them. Her job is to fill a stage, full of death traps, and Batman will the main actor who dies and he will film it all. She is done, and figures that she could leave, but the goons ambush her quietly and take her.

In Batman: Streets of Gotham #13, Jenna Duffy makes a huge discovery that not only will Batman die on the stage, but herself as well. Her first attempt to escape, failed when he and his goons stopped her. After a while, she hints Batman, of all the traps she put for him. He holds her at gunpoint, but she puts him in a pool filled with electric eels. She escapes with her life and Batman easily defeats the Director on his own stage. She tells to Batman, about her abduction, her forced labor without pay, and that he was going to kill her. Batman informed her that she leave Gotham, but as she found work in Keystone again, the Broker called and persuaded her to come work for him with Mr. Freeze, and the pay will be in diamonds. She returns right back to Gotham.