When it seems that Batman and Robin are no more, but still fears that he will be discovered, Mr. Freeze and crew return to his iceberg. But The Dynamic Duo escape the terrible cabinet by an emergency exit, and after waiting until The Frozen Fiend has departed, make their appearance via Isolde's sealhouse. Mr. Freeze, meanwhile, in his iceberg hideout has managed to syphen the formula from Professor Isaacson and builds the deadly Ice-Ray, intending to freeze all of Gotham City and the entire country! To prove his word, he ices down various parts of Gotham. At Batman's behest, Commissioner Gordon has a Small Echoing Seal Pulsator placed on Mr. Freeze's trained wonder-seal Isolde, and releases her into Gotham Harbor. Then, tracing the seal back to Mr. Freeze's hideout in The Batcopter, The Dynamic Duo rescue Prof. Isaacson. Mr. Freeze tries to render the heroes immobile with his Freeze Gun, but it proves to be no match for their Super-Thermalized Batskivvies! Following the ensuing Batfight, the Gotham authorities, also led straight to Mr. Freeze's glacier-hideout, arrive in time to round up the cold-hearted criminals before they can escape to sea in their Ice-Sub, and place them on ice - in jail. Later, Bruce, Dick, Aunt Harriet and Alfred relax by playing with racing cars.

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A repeat of the very first Batman broadcast; The show which gave television a big breath of fresh air! If you missed it then, don't miss it next week!

Repeat: Hi Diddle Riddle/Smack In The Middle




Behind the scenes

  • Series last celebrity cameo during the Batclimb, with the Carpet King.

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