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The False Face Society is a DCAU criminal organization consisting of mostly masked supervillains, led by Black Mask and based on the comic-book syndicate of the same name. Additionally, The False Face Society was unknowingly in the employ of the Red Hood, the actual founder of the organization.

In the arc, most of the supervillains are captured and thrown in jail, O'Brian leaves, and Black Mask himself is captured by Batman. Following his capture, Red Hood has the Phantasm replace Black Mask.


Consisting mainly of supervillains Sportsmaster, Gorilla Boss, Black Spider, Bronze Tiger, Firefly, Deadshot, and The Phantasm, the False Face Society was founded and led by Roman Sionis, aka Black Mask; supported by The Red Hood, Black Mask carried out every order that Red Hood gave; unfortunately for Black Mask, those under the False Face Society were all incapable of doing their jobs once Batman showed up, foiling everyone of the gang, aside from Phantasm:Sportsmaster was trussed up for The GCPD with his numbers racket in pieces, Gorilla Boss was taken down by Batman and Batgirl during an attempted hijacking of WayneTech trucks containing valuable technology,Black Spider and all the money from The False Face Society's smuggling schemes ended up at the bottom of Gotham Harbor,Bronze Tiger was thwarted in the attempted assassination of a visiting princess,Deadshot was captured after trying to steal incriminating photos from Detective Harvey Bullock,and Firefly was arrested by Batman while attempting several arsons. Once The Red Hood could tolerate no more failures, the False Face Society headquarters was blown up, with Black Mask, Eel O'Brien, and Matches Malone barely making it out in time.

Black Spider Bronze Tiger False Face Society



  • In the comics, Eel O'Brian is the pre-superhuman identity of Plastic Man. Plastic Man himself was never featured in the DCAU but was referenced a handful of times.
  • This incarnation of Black Mask is modelled after the alter-ego held by the Joker from the False Face Society's original silver-age comic appearance.
  • The Phantasm was the only member chosen by the Red Hood to continue their plans. In 2013, it was revealed by writer Dan Slott that this was because Red Hood was in reality Andrea's presumed dead mother Victoria Beamont.