"School's out. Time to go."
―The Joker's Bus Driver to Bozo[src]

The Joker's Bus Driver was an accomplice of the Joker during the Robbery of Gotham National Bank.


Bank heistEdit

"That guy's not getting up, is he?"

That man stole a school bus earlier to use as the getaway bus under Joker's secret orders, presumably so that they could disguise themselves within the line of School Buses as they were headed home based on his remark of "School's out, time to go!" after he disembarked. He then ran the school bus into Grumpy and killed him. He instantly came out of the bus and admired his work - "[Grumpy's] not getting up", which implied that the Joker had ordered him to carry out the murder, not "Bozo". A moment later, after the money was loaded onto the School Bus, the Bus Driver looked around confused and asked "Bozo", who was the Joker: "What happened to the rest of the guys?", where upon the Joker shot him dead with his machine pistol.


Behind the ScenesEdit


A collectible mask of The Joker's Bus Driver.

  • It was currently unknown if the Bus Driver had a call sign like the rest of the henchmen who were involved in the robbery. One possibility was that like three of the others, (Grumpy, Happy, and Dopey), he may have taken his name from one of the Dwarfs in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The four unused names were Doc, Sleepy, Sneezy, and Bashful. Another possibility was that he had taken a name from a fictional clown character, as with Bozo (Joker), and Chuckles. That could range anywhere from Clarabell, to Ronald, to Krusty.
  • Going by his last statement before Bozo/Joker gunned him down, the Bus Driver was apparently not let in on the backstabbing plan and that he was only ordered to kill the only other surviving member besides Bozo.
  • In the Screenplay for the film, the Joker was originally set to shoot the Bus Driver just as he got off the bus' rear door. In the film, after the Bus Driver got out of the bus, he spoke a little with the Joker about Grumpy's fate before Joker shot him.


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