The Joker's Machine Pistol was his main firearm.


During the Robbery of Gotham National Bank, The Joker used a two-tone Glock 17 that was converted to full-auto and shot the Manager of Gotham National Bank.

Joker then used it and shot the Bus Driver in the chest, which killed him and left no witnesses.

Joker later used it to try and shoot through the SWAT Truck in which Harvey Dent was in in order to kill him, but was unsuccessful.

Joker's Machine Pistole was last seen inside Harvey's hospital room, as he shot GCPD Officer Jeremy Polk while Joker was crudely disguised as a nurse.

While in Harvey's hospital room, Joker's Machine Pistol had a suppressor on

Trivia Edit

  • The Glock 17 that Joker used was converted from semi-automatic to fully automatic with an extended magazine, which made it similar to the Glock 18.
  • During the armored car chase, when the Joker fires the Glock 17 at the GCPD armored car, it was seen that it jammed after the first shot, but it still fired the rest of the magazine.
  • Even though Joker used the Glock 17 one-handed during the Bank Robbery, most Glock 17 and 18 owners recommend to hold it with both hands in order to keep the line of bullets steady and accurate. That was not surprising, however, as the Joker was known to have a lack of care for himself.

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