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"You like pies, Batman? Because I think they're going to like you!"
―The Joker[src]

The Joker is an enemy of Batman who appears in the LEGO video game series. The Joker's clown-like appearance and big smile hide a devious mind bent on creating as much trouble as possible for his archenemy Batman. Once a petty criminal, he attempted to rob the Ace Chemical Processing Plant, where he first confronted the Dark Knight. During it, he fell into a vat of chemicals, the contents of which turned his skin white, his hair green, and his lips red. His appearance resembling a clown, he took on the alias of "the Joker" and executed grand schemes that involved jokes and comedy. His array of weapons include an electric hand buzzer, deadly machine guns, and laughing gas.


LEGO Batman: The Videogame[]

After orchestrating the breakout at Arkham Asylum with Penguin and Riddler, Joker recruited Harley Quinn, Scarecrow, Mad Hatter and Killer Moth to help destroy the city with his Laughing Gas. Requiring chemicals from Ace Chemicals, he, Hatter and his henchmen broke into the chemical plant to steal the necessary ingredients.

After gathering the chemicals, Joker lured Commissioner Gordon to the Amusement Mile, planning to use him as a distraction for Batman and Robin. After capturing him with Harley, Joker broadcasted a message to the Dynamic Duo, leaving his henchwoman to fight them. Fleeing in his helicopter, Joker and Scarecrow terrorized the Gotham Skyline, bringing them into an air-battle with Batman and the GCPD. This ended when Scarecrow's biplane was damaged in a fight with the Dynamic Duo, causing them to have a mid-air collision.

Escaping their vehicles, Joker and Scarecrow crashed into the Gotham Art Gallery, where they made their way through to escape. Though the latter was captured, he rendezvoused with Killer Moth, making their way through the East End to get to their decided release location: Gotham City Cathedral. After rescuing Harley from the GCPD, Joker left Moth to delay Batman and Robin. Together, they climbed to the top of the Cathedral and prepared the bombs for detonation. However, the Dynamic Duo followed them, engaging in a fight. Batman defeated Joker by disturbing the bats hiding in the bell tower, causing them to attack the Clown Prince of Crime.

With them now in GCPD custody, Joker and Harley were returned to Arkham, where he swore revenge against Batman. In the epilogue cutscene, Joker could be seen watching the Dynamic Duo grapple to the Arkham rooftops, cursing at them as they grappled past his cell window.

After unlocking Joker, he is available in a tropical suit seen in Batman: The Killing Joke.

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes[]

Alongside Penguin, Riddler, Two-Face and Harley, Joker attacked the Gotham City Theater during its Man of the Year Award, stealing the trophy. During it, he met Lex Luthor, whom he stole a watch from. When Batman and Robin arrived to arrest him, Joker fled the scene in his speedboat, leaving the other criminals to be apprehended. Chased to Gotham's Amusement Mile, he was eventually forced on land by the Batwing, leading to his defeat and arrest.

Returned to Arkham Asylum, Joker was released by Luthor, who asked for his help in winning the Presidential election. In return, he would be granted the Deconstructor, an energy weapon capable of dismantling any shiny black object. Agreeing to help, Joker used the weapon to free the inmates, allowing them to escape unnoticed. Requiring Kryptonite to fuel the weapon, they hatched a plan to break into the Batcave and steal Batman's personal supply. Breaking into Ace Chemicals to acquire the necessary ingredients, they created fake Kryptonite and place a tracker inside it.

With Batman and Robin tracking them, Joker fought the duo and allowed them to steal it. To end the chase, he used the Deconstructor on the Batmobile, leaving Batman unable to pursue them. With the Tracking device bringing them to the Batcave, Joker and Luthor attacked them, damaging the lair and destroying many of the Bat-Vehicles. After gaining access to the Kryptonite Vault, the gathered as much as they could carry and fled to Metropolis in a LexCorp ship. Despite knowing the Batcave was under Wayne Manor, neither Joker or Luthor realized its relation to Batman's identity.

After a brief confrontation with Batman and Superman during their journey, Joker and Luthor arrived at LexCorp. There, they constructed a giant Kryptonite-powered robot for their schemes, planning to use it to spread a mind controlling Joker Toxin. When Batman and Superman confronted them, they apparently killed the heroes and left to spread the gas, beginning in Gotham. However, they survived the attempts and confronted them on the robot, forcing it to crash into the city. After chasing them through the city subway system, they left for City Hall, gassing the attenders with their gas.

Superman and Batman arrived and destroy the gas dispenser, but the former was weakened by the exposure to Kryptonite. While attempting to use the Deconstructor on Batman, Robin arrived to rescue him. Chasing them through Gotham's streets, Joker inadvertently left glowing Kyptonite, bringing the Justice League's attention. With their plans ruined, Joker and Luthor decided to attack Wayne Tower. After a chase to the top and a fight with the League, the Robot was destroyed and dismantled by the heroes. Joker fought the group to distract them long enough for Luthor to put on his power armor, though they were both defeated. Afterwards, they were arrested by Gordon and the GCPD, though Joker commented that it had been "fun".

After completing the main story, Joker can be found on Ace Chemicals' rooftop. After being fought and defeated, he can be purchased as a playable character for 250,000 studs.

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham[]

Some time after the events of the election, Joker was able to escape with Lex and formed the Legion of Doom, alongside Cheetah, Solomon Grundy, Firefly and Killer Croc. Together, the group planned to gain access to the Justice League's Watchtower and hold the Earth for ransom, in return for governmental power. After gaining access through the Hall of Justice's teleporter, the group subdued Martian Manhunter and used the satellite's defences to hold off Batman and Robin. When the Justice League arrived and broke through the defences, Joker and Luthor fought their respective nemeses, but were defeated.

Shortly after their defeat, the Watchtower was attacked by Brainiac. Having taken control over Green Lantern and various other members of the Lanterns, they discovered his plans to shrink the Earth down and hold it in his collection of planets. Joker, along with the other Legion members, agreed to help the Justice League defeat Brainiac. During the confrontation, Joker was hit with Star Sapphire's love energy, causing him to fall in love with anything in sight. Working with Robin, Flash, Cyborg, and the other Legion members, Joker confronted Brainiac at a miniaturized Gotham City, where they were able to trap him.

After Brainiac dealt with, Batman and the League decided to assemble the various Lantern Corps members and use their energies to restore the Earth, along with the affected personalities. In order to confront the villainous factions, the Caped Crusader switched costumes with Joker, with Superman keeping him and the other Legion members in the Fortress of Solitude. After the various Lantern Corps were assembled, the group tricked them into focusing their will into a crystal confiscated from Braniac. In addition to restoring the Earth, Joker returned to his normal personality. Whilst the League dealt with the a restored Braniac, he, Luthor and the Legion left to achieve their original goal.

After Brainiac's defeat, Joker and the Legion were apprehend and imprisoned in Arkham Asylum. Sharing a cell with Lex and a miniaturized Brainiac, they tormented the collected in his holding bottle, only to accidently drop it. As the alien returned to his regular size, Joker and Lex cowered in fear...

Alternative Joker appearances are also available through either unlock or DLC. After completing the campaign, the player can purchase a Batman-disguised Joker. After completing the "Batman '66" level, the TV series Joker is available to purchase. In DLC packs, the Batman Beyond Joker is available in the "Batman of the Future" pack and The Dark Knight Nurse Joker is available in the "Dark Knight Trilogy" pack.

LEGO Dimensions[]

Joker was one of the villains to join Lord Vortech to help gather the Foundational Elements and rule the LEGO Multiverse. Shortly after his recruitment, Joker was sent to Springfield with Lord Business and obtain it's Key Stone. The two were defeated by Batman, Gandalf and Wyldstyle. Returning to Vortech, Joker eventually abandoned the megalomaniac to return to the DC Universe after the completion of the Tri.

Joker, alongside Harley Quinn, is available as a playable character in the "DC Team" pack, where he can be used within Free-Play mode or the open worlds. In addition, his LEGO Movie counterpart appears in The Lego Batman Movie tie-in levels.

LEGO DC Super-Villains[]

Breaking into Wayne Tech with Harley, Joker stole a Mother Box from the laboratories and attempted to escape. However, the duo were captured by Batman, but were freed when the Batwing was destroyed. Meeting with Lex Luthor and Mercy Graves, they fled to their Amusement Mile lair. Hoping to retrieve his Joy Buzzer whilst Batman and the Justice League were "away", Joker and Harley recruited Riddler, Scarecrow and Clayface to break into Gotham City Police Headquarters. The trio were successful, with help from Catwoman and Two-Face, but were forced into the Iceberg Lounge by Batgirl and Nightwing. Joker was incapacitated during the crash and was one of the villains captured by Owlman and the GCPD.

Returned to Arkham Asylum, Joker was contacted by Luthor and agreed to help orchestrate a mass-breakout. Teaming with Captain Cold, Livewire, Reverse-Flash, Merlyn and Grundy, he was able to free the inmates. Joker and Livewire were separated from the group, where they fought Hugo Strange's Monster Man. With his helicopter arriving, they left the asylum and stopped by the Galaxy Communications Tower to rescue Harley and her group of criminals from the Crime Syndicate.

Returning to the Hall of Doom, Joker agreed to Lex's plan to assemble the Universe's supervillains to fight the Syndicate. After Sinestro was recruited, he, Harley, Clayface and the Yellow Lantern left for Gotham Museum to free and recruit Black Adam. The group were successful, but were forced to fight Shazam and Mazahs to escape. Joker joined the group in the attack on LexCorp, but was betrayed by Luthor and subdued by the Syndicate. As Joker confronted him, he, Harley and the Rookie were teleported to Apokolips.

Exploring the area, the group fought their way through Parademons and defences, eventually finding their way to the Throne Room. There, they discovered Darkseid, who they learned was leading the Syndicate. With the Justice League arriving, the group fled with the heroes and learned that he was searching Earth for the Anti-Life Equation. Deciding to work together to defeat the Syndicate, Joker joined Batman and the Flash to search for Ra's al Ghul and ask for his aid. To gain their help, the trio chased Deathstroke through Nanda Parbat and defeated him in combat.

With Lex missing since his betrayal, Joker took control of the Legion of Doom and led them in the coordinated attacks on the Crime Syndicate. After the Rookie absorbed the Anti-Life Equation from their Mother Box and was captured by Steppenwolf and taken to Darkseid, Joker agreed to help the League stop them from gaining the formula. He joined Luthor, Green Lantern and Killer Frost in the initial confrontation. After Darkseid's defeat, Luthor attempted to betray the entire group again, but they were teleported back to Earth by the Rookie. After they decided whether to join either the Justice League or the Legion, Joker fled with the other villains to escape the heroes.

In the "Batman: The Animated Series" DLC pack, the DCAU Joker is unlocked as a playable character. In addition, he appears in the Batman: Mask of the Phantasm level, serving as its boss fight.


  • Goon Command (DC Super-Villains only)
  • Graffiti (DC Super-Villains only)
  • Grapple (LEGO Batman 3 onwards)
  • Joker Box Access (LEGO Batman 2 only)
  • Joker Toxin Mixing (DC Super-Villains only)
  • Mind Control (Flower Suit only)
  • Toxin Immunity (all appearances)


  • Boxing Glove Grapple Gun (LEGO Batman 3 onwards)
  • Chattering Teeth (Decoy Suit and DC Super-Villains)
  • Dynamite (DC Super-Villains - Batman: The Animated Series only)
  • Explosive Jack-in-the-Box (Demolition Suit only)
  • Explosive Pies (LEGO DC Super-Villains only)
  • Explosive Plane Drones (DC Super-Villains - Batman: The Animated Series only)
  • Guns
  • Joker Toxin (DC Super-Villains only)
  • Joy Buzzer (LEGO Batman - LEGO Dimensions)
  • Laser Gun (Batman Beyond only)
  • Magnet (Magnet Suit only)
  • Rockets (Demolition Suit only)
  • Rocket Launcher (The Dark Knight only)


In LEGO Batman 3, Joker can access different suits to bypass obstacles and solve puzzles. The following are available to Joker:

  • Default - The default appearance for the Joker. The suit will be equipped at the beginning of every level and does not provide additional abilities.
  • Decoy Suit - Allows Joker to deploy Chattering Teeth Drones.
  • Demolition Suit - Allows Joker to place explosive Jack-in-the-Boxes and fire Rockets, destroying silver LEGO objects. Replaces gun with Rocket Launcher.
  • Electricity Suit - Allows Joker to interact with electronic panels and walk through electrified environments.
  • Flower Suit - Allows Joker to control the minds of certain individuals.
  • Illumination Suit - Allows Joker to light up dark areas, though require charging.
  • Magnet Suit - Allows Joker to interact with magnetic blue LEGO objects and climb magnetic surfaces. Removes Gun and targeting abilities.
  • Sphere Suit - Allows Joker to transform into a giant Zorb ball and interact with Zorb switches.



  • In the Xbox 360 version of LEGO Batman, Joker will be unlocked in his tropical suit after completing "Power Crazy Penguin's" villain campaign. This is considered a glitch and does not appear in any other version of the game.