The Joker is the Batman's archenemy and criminal mastermind along with a member of the Injustice League.


The Joker was a member of the Injustice League when It decided to come out of the shadows. He used a device that allowed him to manipulate Poison Ivy's plants to attack various cities around the globe. After the Injustice League headquarters were discovered by Robin and his team Joker left his position and tried to defeat the intruders and Robin especially. After the Justice League arrived, Joker surrendered before being forcefully apprehended.


Equipment and Weapons

  • Knives: Joker uses dual knives in combat as he likes to savor the emotions of his victims. This results from him thinking that guns are "too quick".
  • Joker Venom: A chemical which, when inhaled, causes its victims to laugh uncontrollably until they die with a wide grin on their faces.
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