Incognito as a deliveryman, Egghead kidnaps Commissioner Gordon from his office at Police HQ with the aid of Olga and a getaway baloon! They spirit Gordon away to his hideout, where Egghead isues a ransom demand of a $0.10 tax for every eaten egg in Gotham City. Realizing the only way to locate Egghead and Gordon is by splitting up, The Dynamic Duo converge upon The Bessarovian Embassy, while Batgirl joins ranks with Alfred Pennyworth to follow The Commissioner's trail by the strong scent of his aftershave lotion (Wellington #4, from Sumatra!), which they hope and pray to find emanating from Egghead's digs. Meanwhile, Batman and Robin have opened a ialogue with Bessarovian ambassador Omar Orloff, who is convinced that Olga will swipe the giant Samovar Of Genghis Khan, which is being held at the embassy for safekeeping. The Duo agree, and they hide inside The Samovar to ambush Olga. While Egghead is out collecting his egg tax at Gilligan's Restaurant, Olga and her Cossacks raid the embassy and steal The Samovar, with The Caped Crusader and The Boy Wonder tucked away safely inside. Later, at the hideout, The Dynamic Duo burst forth from The Samovar only to be immediately gassed by The Cossack Queen. Robin and Commissioner Gordon regain consciousness to learn to their consternation that they are being made into borscht by Ambassador Orloff, who is revealed to be one of Olga's Cossacks, while The Caped Crusader is targeted by Olga a one of her future husbands (as queen she's entitled to 6 husbands, and Egghead is slated to become one of them)! Outside the hideout Batgirl and Alfred finally locate the scent of Gordon's aftershave and arrive in time to rescue The Dynamic Duo and The Commissioner and make borscht out of the cossacks themselves! Just as it sems the heroes have won, Egghead reveals his secret weapon: 2 chickens who for weeks have been placed on a diet of onions. Egghead and Olga toss the chickens' eggs at Batman, Robin and Batgirl, each of which explode and emit clouds of tear gas! As The Dynamic Trio become awash in a warm sea of tears, Egghead, Queen Olga and her Cossack beat a hasty retreat.






This is the 2nd rare episode of Season 3 to end in a cliffhanger. The episode would be continued the next week.



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