Can 2 fiendish archcriminals share a nefarious plot to terrorize Gotham City without driving each other crazy?? Olga, Queen of The Bessarovian Cossacks, again teams with Egghead to raid The Gotham City Museum and steal The Sword Of Bulbul and The Egg Of Ogg. Commissioner Gordon immediately summons Batman and Robin to investigate. While The Caped Crusader and The Boy Wonder chat with Gordon, Egghead and Olga plan the theft of 500 pounds of condensed caviar given to the people of Gotham City by The Czar Of Samarkand (at $200 per ounce), and currently stored at The Gotham City Bank. The Batman predicts the supercriminals' next move and races by Batmobile to the bank. While Queen Olga and her Cossacks swipe the caviar on horseback, Egghead, newly arrived on his burro, is captured by the bank guard. Batgirl quickly arrives on her Batgirlcycle and manages to convince Egghead to turn stool pigeon and lead her to Olga's hideout. Moments after Batgirl and Egghead ride off, The Dynamic Duo arrive at the bank and follow Batgirl's trail. Arriving at the hideout, in an icehouse, The Caped Crusadress finds that Egghead has lured her into a trap! She is quickly captured, bound by both hands behind her back, and forced to do a saber Batdance while Olga's Cossacks prod her with ices scimitars! The Duo arrive at the hideout, spots The Batgirlcycle, and leaps into the deperate fray to battle The Cossacks until Egghead manages to toss Batgirl into a vat of caviar to drown. While the duo rush to her aid and manage to prevent her from becoming a permanent hors d'ouerve, Egghead, Queen Olga and her Cossacks take full advantage of the distraction to make their escape, only to fall immediately into the hands of the law. Holy Here We Go Again! The Dynamic Duo recieve word that The Joker and The Catwoman have joined forces...





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