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The Outsider a villainous alter-ego of Alfred Pennyworth. Originally he appeared in the Silver Age of comics as a monstrous alternate personality for the mainstream Alfred.

He was later reimagined as a constant super-villain for the universe of Earth 3. Here he is the leader of the Secret Society. He also makes an appearance in the Flashpoint Comic.



In Pre-Crisis, Alfred once sacrificed his own life to save Batman and Robin from a trap set by criminals. In his honour they created the "Alfred Foundation" Charity.

Following this event a physician named Brandon Crawford found Alfred's body and attempted to revive him with an experimental radiation treatment. The treatment successfully revived the butler caused him to have a white, stone-like body and to be driven by a single minded hatred for those who killed him; Batman and Robin.

The Outsider teamed up with Blockbuster, the Grasshopper Gang, and the then mysterious witch Zatanna to enact targeted crimes against the Dynamic Duo. After this he started using chemical-warfare against them to try and animate their weapons against them.

Eventually Batman found out that the Outsider was Alfred and funded for him to be cured, after-which Alfred had no memories of his crimes and took up his old duties in Wayne Manor. After this, from time to time Alfred would relapse into his old Outsider personality and appearance.


Alfred becoming the Outsider

The Outsider appeared in a similar form in Jiro Kuwata's Bat-Manga, except here he additionally had the power to resurrect the dead as undead criminals. Rather than allying himself with criminals, he instead opts for resurrecting martial-artists and sending them to Wayne Manor in coffins to come to life and attack the Dynamic Duo.

Earth 3

The Outsider travelled to Earth Prime from Earth-3 along with Crime Syndicate member Atomica. Outsider formed the Secret Society while Atomica became a double agent, getting recruited in both the Justice League and the Justice League of America.

The Outsider was killed by the Aquaman villain Black Manta who stabbed him in the neck.

Powers and Abilities


  • Super-strength:
  • Rock physiology:


  • During the Flashpoint event, a character named the Outsider appeared. However this character was Michael Desai rather than an evil version of Alfred.
  • The character known as Bone appears to be modelled after the original Outsider.