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"A revolution is knockin' on Gotham's door... And I'm here to let it in."
―Oswald Cobblepot to Bruce Wayne[src]

The Penguin is a secondary antagonist in Batman: The Telltale Series. A member of one of Gotham's influential families, Oswald Cobblepot was forced into a life of crime due to the manipulations of Thomas Wayne and his allies. Seeking vengeance, Penguin joined the terrorist organization Children of Arkham and would become a key player in their schemes against Gotham's elite.


Oswald Cobblepot was the son of Theodore and Esther Cobblepot. His family was once a large influence on Gotham, owning a large portion of the city's land and building a park for the city's public. At a young age, Oswald became friends with Bruce Wayne. According to Alfred Pennyworth, the two were "as thick as thieves", though Oswald would take this quite literally in later life.

A young Oswald in his family's park

Whilst Oswald was still a child, the Cobblepot family lost their fortune to events set in motion by Thomas Wayne, Carmine Falcone and Hamilton Hill. Whilst running for mayor, Theodore apparently committed suicide before the election could be held. Furthermore, his mother was forcefully committed to Arkham Asylum and gaslighted with a psychoactive agent by Wayne to gain ownership of their land. Due to his mother's perceived mental illness, Oswald would often be bullied by other children, but would be protected by Bruce.

At some point after his family's fall from grace, Oswald moved to England to attend boarding school. After finishing education, he joined the military, though was dishonorably discharged. Cobblepot went on to establish himself as a professional criminal in England's underworld, making a number of illegitimate enterprises including illegal boxing matches, arms dealing and fencing. Adopting the alias "Penguin", he would disguise himself with bird-like gas mask to avoid identification. Despite these measure, Oswald was arrested many times, once by the Essex Police Department, and served a number of prison sentences.

At some point, Oswald returned to Gotham for unspecified reasons, possibly in the hopes to take revenge on Falcone, Hill and the Wayne family (despite Thomas being dead). He joined the group known as the Children of Arkham, though it is currently unknown whether he joined before returning to the city. To obtain evidence of their dealings, Penguin made contact with Hill and blackmailed him into compiling information about the trio's dealings. Unknown to Hill, Cobblepot planned to betray and kill him once he had released this information. Through his connection, Penguin anonymously hired famed cat-burglar Catwoman to steal the information from Hill and help locate the psychogenic chemical used on his mother.

Batman: The Telltale Series

Realm of Shadows

Along with Vicki Vale, Oswald gatecrashed Harvey Dent's mayoral campaign fundraiser being held at Wayne Manor. He was seen by Bruce drinking at a table, though did not converse with any of the guests. As he left, Oswald met with Alfred Pennyworth, leaving arrangements to meet Bruce at Cobblepot Park the next morning.

Oswald catches up with Bruce

A short time before he arrived, Oswald sent Bruce a text saying that he'd be a couple of minutes late. Upon arrival, he discovered Wayne being set on by two muggers, who he brutally attacked and forced to flee. After this, they caught up, talking about how their families' legacies had changed over the twenty years. During it, Oswald warned Bruce about a "revolution" he was planning. Having drawn to a close, Oswald left to organize the revolution, bidding Bruce goodbye. It is unconfirmed whether he was involved in the Children of Arkham's raid of Warehouse 133 and the theft of the drug stored there.

Children of Arkham

Penguin and his men storm the Skyline Club

After Falcone's assassination, Oswald blackmailed one of his men to gain access to Skyline Club. With Roland Desmond/Blockbuster and his own men, they searched for resources they could use and further evidence to expose. Whilst investigating the club's office, Batman arrived and confronted them for drugging an innocent cop to kill Falcone. Oswald confessed having some involvement in the affair, claiming that the crime-lord's death aw the start of his revolution and arguing to have the same cause as the vigilante. Midway, Penguin was alerted that they had located Catwoman and were sending men to assassinate her. After Blockbuster subdued Batman, Oswald and his men fled.

Penguin takes Vicki Vale hostage

During the Gotham City Mayoral Debate, Penguin lead the Children of Arkham to attack and subdue hostages. During it, he murdered the moderator and "forced" Vicki Vale to host it in his place. After they were drugged with their psychoactive chemical, Penguin and his men showed video evidence of Hill and Thomas Wayne gaslighting his mother and committing her to Arkham Asylum. As the GCPD tried to storm the debate, Penguin took Vale "hostage" as Batman appeared to apprehend him. When she attacked him and fled, he fired at her, though was prevented from killing her by Batman.

The Penguin murders Hamilton Hill

Ordering Blockbuster to fight Batman, Penguin turned his attention to Hill. Despite Hill's protests to spare him, Oswald gunned him down and attacked Dent when he attempted to intervene. After Batman defeated Desmond and Catwoman arrived to confront him, Penguin took Dent hostage and shot at the duo to drive them off, injuring Catwoman. Grabbing a stage light, Penguin attempted to attack Dent with it, though Batman has the option of intervene or save Catwoman from a group of Children of Arkham members. If the latter is chosen, Penguin disfigures Dent using the light. Regardless of the decision, Penguin successfully escaped the scene whilst Batman was distracted, leaving only his mask behind.

New World Order

During the time between the debate and Dent taking the role as Mayor, Oswald managed to infiltrate Wayne Enterprises, being hired into the board. Using ties he had, Oswald managed to create a false backstory about his business experience and covered up his criminal dealings. This managed to convince the Wayne Enterprises board to hire him as a replacement CEO instead of Bruce, as they wished to sever ties to his family.

Having discovered a backdoor into Wayne Enterprises' telecommunications network, Oswald helped the Children of Arkham break into the network and monitor the entire city's communications. Once implemented, the Children of Arkham were able to listen in to police communications, allowing them to prepare for attacks or investigations. However, this was discovered by Batman and rectified by Lucius Fox.

Oswald takes over Wayne Enterpises

After a meeting discussing Bruce's future at Wayne Enterprises, the board decided to let Oswald temporarily replace him as a PR move. Following the meeting, he visited Bruce in his office, subtly mocking him to avoid suspicions from Regina Zellerbach. As Bruce prepared to leave, Oswald destroyed a graduation present from Alfred in an attempt to aggravate him. Depending on whether Bruce chooses to lash out, Cobblepot either is checked on by Regina or prepares to be set up on the Wayne Enterprises network as Wayne is shown out.

The next day, Oswald appeared at the press conference held to announce Bruce's resignation as CEO. If he was attacked, he show off his injury to mock Bruce further. As the event began, Oswald revealed his intentions for Bruce's company and how he planned to damage the Wayne family's legacy further. He also offered to reveal why Hill had killed his parents, revealing that they had been murdered because Bruce's mother. During Bruce's speech, Oswald reminded him to stick to the prepared statement. If Bruce doesn't, he will constantly remind him to do so and, after several instances, he will call security to bring him off stage. After Bruce left the stage, Oswald gave his admission speech. After he finished, Wayne ran up to the stage and brutally attack him, having been injected with the Arkham drug by Vicki Vale. It's implied that Oswald was aware it would happen, as he told Bruce that "[he'd] never know how much time [he] had".

Guardian of Gotham

After Bruce was committed to Arkham by the now insane Mayor Dent, Oswald took full control of Wayne Enterprises. Using the position, he used his position to gain security intel on the Children of Arkham's intended targets and company funds to arm their members. He also undertook several personal ventures, including buying multiple yachts and attempting to purchase an island. Penguin also connected a Black Box to the Wayne Enterprises network, planning to use it to break into Arkham Asylum and override the security systems. He also used the R&D department to gain access to various prototype weapons and gadgets, including armored drones and an eyepiece interface for them.

Eventually, Penguin discovered Lucius Fox's hidden lab and found that Batman's technology was connected to it. Finding the connection point, he programmed the Black Box to breaking through the fire walls to the Batcomputer, disrupting the vigilante's equipment and gather his secrets. After hearing reports that Batman was investigating the Vale residence, Penguin sent one of his drones to attack the vigilante. Though able to gain the edge in the fight due to Batman's disrupted technology, the drone was eventually destroyed, with help from the Vale's foster son.

Penguin's method of hacking was eventually discovered by Lucius Fox before he could break into the system entirely. With Harvey Dent and his enforcers also attacking his home, Batman is forced to decide between stopping him or the Mayor. Depending on the choice made, the following possibilities will occur.

If Batman decides to stop Penguin from hacking the Batcomputer, he heads to Wayne Tower and fights his way through defenses set up by Children of Arkham. Cobblepot watches the action from the CEO office, lashing out at the other members as he breaks through. When Batman arrives, Penguin mockingly greets him. During the confrontation, he reveals their plans to use Wayne Enterprises' resources to further their agenda outside of Gotham. If Batman uses his monologue as the opportunity to plan out his attack, Oswald discovers the action and interrupts them. As the confrontation begins, Batman defeats his guards and attempts an attack on him. However, Penguin outmaneuvers him and knocks him into the office's secret elevator, holding him their as they descend to Lucius' lab.

Batman and Penguin fight

Arriving at the lab, Penguin reveals the Black Box to Batman. Equipping a pair of experimental gloves, he battles the vigilante and is able to gain the advantage. However, using items around the lab, Batman is able to remove and disable the gloves. After disabling the second, Batman breaks Penguin's his right leg, defeating him.

Batman defeats and interrogates Penguin

As Batman tries to interrogate him, Penguin refuses and proclaims his loyalty to Lady Arkham and their cause. Unable to gain anything from him, the vigilante either restrains or knocks Penguin out and destroys the Black Box. Penguin is then strung up in one of the stairwells and handed over to the GCPD. As they arrive, Penguin asks them to cut him down. His criminal record and involvement with the Children of Arkham is later uncovered, presumably leading to further charges of fraud and terrorism. Bruce is also later restored at Wayne Enterprises, where he discovers the extend of Oswald's action as head of the company.

If Batman chooses to stop Dent and his forces, Penguin is able to break through the firewall and the Batcomputer. With no other option, the vigilante is forced to shut down the Batcomputer, ensuring that Cobblepot and the the Children of Arkham cannot access his secrets.

City of Light

Five days later, Penguin is providing the Children of Arkham with Wayne Enterprises technology, using them to attack civilians. These include Batsuit disrupters and improved versions of the drones. Following the assassination of Commisioner Grogan, Penguin's drones locate Batman near Crime Alley. Personally communicating via hologram, Penguin mocks him for being unable to save Grogan's life and continues the attack with the drone. However, Batman is able to destroy it. Deciding to lure the vigilante into a trap, Penguin decided to prepare an ambush at Cobblepot Park and arranges for the other Children of Arkham members to help prepare. Unknown to him, Batman listens into the communications and learn his plans, allowing him to also prepare for the trap.

Penguin at Cobblepot Park

After setting up a trap for Batman, Penguin uses the drones to round up hostages and hold off the GCPD. When Bruce Wayne turns up, Oswald is pleased, though is suspicious about his appearance. During the confrontation, Penguin converses with Bruce, unaware that he is being distracted to allow Lt. Gordon to infiltrate the area unnoticed. Depending on choices made in the conversation, Penguin is either distracted long enough for Gordon to slip in and destroy the drones transmitter, or is able to discover the ruse and order an attack. If the latter occurs, Bruce will be forced to destroy the transmitter himself.
Having had his tech destroyed, Oswald attempts an attack on Bruce. During it, his father's statue is knocked over and falls on top of him, crushing his legs. Cursing Bruce for his defeat, Oswald is taken away by paramedics, promising him that Lady Arkham has not forgotten about him. Furthermore, Penguin's criminal record is uncovered, having been uncovered and sent to the GCPD by Alfred. Bruce's help in his defeat also restores his reputation and he is reinstated as CEO at Wayne Enterprises. Penguin is presumably put on trial, presumably on charges of fraud and terrorism.

Batman: The Enemy Within

According article by the Gotham Gazette, Penguin had plead guilty at his trial and was serving a forty year sentence in Blackgate Prison. During his time there, Oswald had become a model prisoner and was respectful to both staff and fellow prisoners. Batman also kept a display in the Batcave, containing his mask and either his "monocle" or experimental boxing gloves. During her time working at the prison, Harley Quinn interviewed Penguin and, through him, learned about Bruce's secret lab and the Phalanx Key.

After the Joker's reign of terror, Batman's news feed revealed that Oswald had applied for parole to decrease his sentence, claiming he was an unwilling pawn to the Children of Arkham. However, it was denied by the judge after it was proven he was actively involved in Lady Arkham's plans. Penguin would have to wait five more years for another parole hearing. An image of a clearly angered Oswald can be seen, implying that his good behavior at Blackgate was simply a ruse to reduce his sentence.


Penguin seemed to be quite brash and arrogant, believing himself to have the edge during conflict and having full faith in his actions. He was easy to anger and quite brutal at times, as shown when he brutally attacked two muggers in his family's park for bringing shame to the area and when he was captured by the GCPD. To cover this, Oswald would put on a calm demeanor during meetings with others over his clearance, as he did with Regina Zellerbach and something he continued to use after being defeated by Batman.


  • Black Box: During his tenure at Wayne Enterprises, Penguin used a Black Box to break into the system and gain access to all personal information. The device was capable of breaching the most fortified of firewalls, including the Batcomputer's. Penguin also used the Black Box to control the Wayne Enterprises drones he used, but would cease to work once destroyed. The Black Box is later destroyed either by Batman to save his equipment and technology or by James Gordon to neutralize an attack in Cobblepot Park.
  • Eyepiece: After taking control of Wayne Enterprises, Penguin developed a special eye-piece that would allow him to control drones. Connected to a black box he had installed in the Wayne Enterprises system, he could remotely control them to attack enemies or perform other tasks he wished them to perform.
  • Drones: After taking control of Wayne Enterprises, Penguin was able to take control of the system and gain access to the R&D departments. One of these contraptions were drones, similar to those used by Batman in the field. Through the drones, Penguin could attack enemies without having to physically meet them. However, these drones were operated by a black box that he had installed in the Wayne Enterprises system and would be completely shut off if this was destroyed.
  • Gloves: During an optional fight with Batman, Penguin adopts a pair of work-in-progress gloves, which he wears during the fight. They granted him increases strength, capable of breaching Batman's armor and injuring the vigilante. Penguin compared the feeling he had wearing them to that which Batman felt when he put on the Batsuit.



  • Penguin differentiates from other versions in in a multitude of ways, as he lacks disfigurements, bird-like qualities, the gentleman-like persona, and the use of trick umbrellas and birds. Similarly, his family was not abusive or tied to organized crime.
    • Penguin's appearance is similar to his Gotham counterpart, due to the lack of deformities and slim appearance.
  • During the confrontation in "City of Light", Penguin can be seen waiting for Bruce with an umbrella, a reference to his comic counterpart's trick ones.
  • Regardless of when the player chooses to deal with Penguin, his leg will be injured during their confrontation, although the circumstances will be different. This could possibly lead to him developing a "waddle", similar to other versions of the character.
  • Though unseen in the episodes, Penguin can be seen smoking cigarettes in concept art and a cigar on "New World Order" selection image.
  • If the player chooses to stop Two-Face and confronts Oswald in Cobblepot Park, it is implied that he might have deduced or at least suspect that Bruce is Batman.
  • Penguin serves as the main antagonist of "Children of Arkham", though serves as a secondary antagonist throughout The Telltale Series.
  • This version of the Penguin possibly inspired the character Ethan Cobblepot, who served as a villain to Batgirl.