Just as the gurney is about to plummet over the cliff, Bruce Wayne frees himself from the straps and grabs onto a guardrail, halting his impending doom. Donning his Batman outfit, he then appears on television and announces that he has saved Bruce Wayne's life and is now heading off to Egypt to conduct research. Tut sends his henchmen to Wayne Manor to carry out a second kidnapping attempt, but with the aid of a lifelike replica of his alter ego, Batman tricks the Tutlings into taking him to Tut’s hideout; however, while en route in the Royal Barque, he is discovered and knocked out. Later, at Tut’s hideout, the mad king subjects the Caped Crusader and his out-of-favour ex-queen, Nefertiti, to an ancient Theban pebble torture, in which the victim is driven mad by stones dropped onto their foreheads. At the Batcave, Robin and Alfred work out that Tut's base is an abandoned Egyptian Exhibition Pavilion; they set off in pursuit, although Alfred has to drive the Batmobile because the Boy Wonder is under-age. Meanwhile, Tut, now believing that the Pebble Torture has unhinged the minds of his captives, orders Nefertiti and Batman to perform a mad dance to wild "Bat-music"…


The Dynamic Duo versus The Bookworm.




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