"You've made the mistake of being predictable yourselves, with your legendary window entrances. Riddle me this: when is a floor like a puzzle?"
―The Riddler[src]

The Riddler was portrayed in the Batman (1960s series) by John Astin, taking on the role during Season Two, in between Frank Gorshin's runs as the Riddler.


The Riddler attempted to destroy Batman and Robin, stole money for a special weapon called the De-Molecularizer and made demands for a statue in his image.

But one riddle too many lead the Dynamic Duo to his puzzle factory hideout where he was defeated and sent to prison.

He also carried a question mark shaped cane, prior to his original comic book character.

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

  • De-Molecularizer - This device was purchased from Professor Charm for three million dollars. It works by disrupting the molecular structures of matter, making any object dissipate into thin air.

Known AssociatesEdit

Just as Batman and Robin do not go at crime-fighting alone, The Riddler needs fellow partners in crime to assist him with his malicious schemes:

  • Anna Gram (portrayed by Deanna Lund): Riddler's trusty female assistant.
  • Across and Down (portrayed by Jim Lefebvre and Ken Scott): Simple henchmen.
  • Professor Avery Evans Charm (portrayed by Martin Kosleck): A brilliant inventor, he is haunted by the fact that he never completed high school. He sold Riddler his demolecularizer, hoping to see the Gotham City Science Institute pay for not letting him in. He had planned to complete a molecular restorer using the money Riddler paid him. In the end, the professor returned all the stolen charity money to the police because the thought of all the hungry children weighed on his conscience.



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