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The Riddler is a riddle loving supervillain and enemy of Batman.


The Riddler was a resident at Belle Reve Penitentery. Riddler was not taken seriously as a villain and was continuously disrespected by the other inmates. During the breakout led by Icicle Sr. Riddler was able to escape Belle Reve, something no one else was able to accomplish.

Unknown to the Justice League, the Riddler comes back and as a part of the Light. He stole a suitcase from S.T.A.R Labs as Sportsmaster starts a riot outside the lab. After the Klarion's plan failed, his real plan succeeded as the suitcase contained a part of Starro that Black Manta was trying to get from before.

Recently, he ambushed the Young Justice, along with Mammoth and Cheshire, but is easily defeated by Zatanna and Robin. He begs not to be sent to Arkham, but to Belle Reve.


Young Justice

  • Season One
    • "Terrors"
    • "Misplaced"