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The Sandman appears in two consecutive episodes of the 1960s Batman television series.


Sandman is an international criminal who uses hypnotic sand controlled sleepwalkers to do his bidding. Under the alias of sleep therapist Dr. Somnambular, he collaborated with the Catwoman in a plot to rob the fortune of J. Pauline Spaghetti.


  • Hypnotic Sand - Sandman used this in order to control sleepwalkers to do his bidding.

Known Associates

Sandman 1966 TV.jpg
  • Nap (portrayed by Tony Ballen) - Sandman's henchman.
  • Snooze (portrayed by Richard Peel) - Sandman's henchman.
  • Catwoman - Worked together on a scheme to get rid of Batman once and for all, but eventually he double crossed her.
  • Kitty, Cattie, and Catarina (portrayed by Valerie Kairys, Pat Bender, and Jeanie Moore) - During her partnership with Sandman, Catwoman had a pair of female criminal companions. It appears as if these two women functioned more as servants than criminal helpers. This is suggested through the leashes Catwoman made them wear. She refers to them as her "kittens".