"I've never told anyone this... but you were my biggest inspiration!"

The Shadow is a mysterious crimefighter that strikes fear into the hearts of men. Unlike Batman, he relies on a network of agents all over the world and uses firearms.

Crossovers with BatmanEdit

Batman #253Edit

Batman encounters the Shadow in Arizona, wheres he declares him to be his biggest inspiration and begs him to return to the modern crimefighting scene.

Batman #259Edit

Bruce Wayne recounts a memory of the Shadow saving him and his father from robber Willy Hank Stamper. The Shadow returns to help Batman capture Stamper who has been released from jail.

Batman/The ShadowEdit

The Shadow/BatmanEdit

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Background Information and NotesEdit

Influence on the creation of BatmanEdit

Shadow creator Walter B. Gibson publicly acknowledged the character's blatant influence on Batman, calling him a "clowned up" version of the Shadow.[1] Many historians, including Harlan Ellison and Frank Miller, have pointed out that Bill Finger and Bob Kane's The Case of the Chemical Syndicate plot is largely derived from the Partners of Peril story by Theodore Tinsleyn.[2] Finger himself later admitted in the early 70's that his first Batman story "was a take-off on a Shadow story" in Jim Steranko's History of Comics, Volume 2.[3] Joker Venom, a major recurring element in the Batman mythos, was also lifted from a Shadow radio serial, The Laughing Corpse by Finger in Batman #1 the following year. Denny O'Neil made the character's influence on Bruce Wayne part of mainstream continuity when DC had the rights to the character in the 70's. One of the Shadow's villains is called the Gray Ghost, whose name was used for a Shadow-esque pulp hero that inspired Batman the Beware the Gray Ghost episode of the early 90's animated series.


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