The Shadow of Ra's al Ghul is a four episode motion comic written by Dennis O'Neil that takes place after the events depicted in the 2005 film Batman Begins. The story explores the question of the death of Ra's al Ghul from the train crash in the film.

It was released in 2008 for Nokia phones to promote the theatrical release of the film The Dark Knight and later was a special feature that was viewable using the internet connectivity of the Blu-ray disc release of the film.


Episode One

Batman leaves Ra's al Ghul for dead on the Gotham City train. He later encounters his mentor's followers declaring that they still serve Ra's al Ghul as they hijack a truck meant for one of the Wayne Foundation charities.

Episode Two

While speaking with Alfred, Bruce Wayne questions the death of Ra's al Ghul. He meets up with Rachel Dawes at the Gotham Historical Society fundraiser and speaks with Lucius Fox about assisting Batman.

Episode Three

Batman returns to the Himalayan mountains and is attacked.

Episode Four

Batman discovers that the League of Shadows monastery has been rebuilt. He finds and fights the man who was responsible for giving the impression that Ra's al Ghul still existed.



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