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Lorelei Circe AKA The Siren appears in two consecutive episodes of the 1960s Batman television series.


Lorelei Circe was a chanteuse - able to sing seven octaves - who could use her voice to sing a high note which put any man who heard it under her control. She had a fascination with "evil" and with historical women who (arguably) fitted that description, such as Mata Hari, Lucrezia Borgia, and Lady Macbeth. She dismissively referred to other female criminals in Gotham, such as Catwoman and the Black Widow, as "amateurs". She clearly had a cruel sense of humor, as she brainwashed Chief O'Hara to go jump in Gotham Park Lake for no reason other than her own amusement. (Only the timely arrival of Batgirl saved him from drowning.)

She first appeared where she collaborated with the Riddler in a plot to control all boxing matches. She mentioned to the Riddler that she also had plans for Batman. (Ostensibly in town for a concert, she had checked into the Grotto Arms Hotel using her real name of Lorelei Circe.)

After the Riddler was defeated, the Siren went to Gotham City Police Headquarters and brainwashed Commissioner Gordon into sneaking into the Batmobile's trunk in order to find out Batman's identity. The Siren later hypnotized Bruce Wayne into signing her fortune to her and intended to then make him jump off the roof of his office building, only for Robin and Batgirl to interfere.

During a fight between Robin, Batgirl, and the Siren's men, the Siren was knocked off the roof. Robin saved her from falling only on the condition that she release Bruce from the spell. The Siren suggested an even higher "antidote" note, though no one had ever done this, and she feared her voice would be gone. When Robin left her little choice, however, the Siren sang it, freeing Bruce, but apparently indeed losing her voice in the process. (It was not made clear if this was permanent.) The now-harmless Siren and her henchmen ended up sent to prison, where Batman predicted that Warden Crichton would find her a model prisoner "if she doesn't open her mouth."

Powers and Abilities

The Siren had the ability to mesmerize any man to do her bidding by pitching a high note two octaves above High C with her voice. Women were apparently immune to this effect, however, and men could protect themselves with special earplugs or headphones. Robin forced her to sing an "antidote" note three octaves above High C to release Bruce Wayne from her spell, which no one had ever done, and which caused her to lose her voice. Batman's message to Warden Crichton suggested that her voice might not be permanently gone. Those freed from the Siren's spell apparently did not remember their actions while under her control. It was not made clear how Commissioner Gordon and Chief O'Hara were freed from her control.

Known Associates

  • Riddler - Partnered with him in his scheme to control all of Gotham's boxing matches.
  • Allegro (portrayed by Mike Mizurki) - The Siren's henchman.
  • Andante (portrayed by Cliff Osmond) - The Siren's henchman.
  • Henchman (portrayed by Glenn R. Wilder) - The Siren's henchman, and the only one not given a unique name.
  • Betsy Boldface (portrayed by Peggy Ann Garner): She was responsible for buying food for the Riddler's training diet. She also had a midnight sports telecast. Commissioner Gordon was quite taken with her, noting that she did as well as any man could do in that position.
  • Kayo and Cauliflower (portrayed by Nicholas Georgiade and Gil Perkins): The Riddler's and the Siren's thugs.
  • The Minstrel - The Minstrel teamed up with her in a plot to steal Timothy Tempo's antique piano.


Season 3

In other media

Behind the scenes

Lorelei Circe, the Siren, was portrayed by British actress Joan Collins, who later gained greater prominence as Alexis Carrington nee Morell, on Dynasty. In real life, Collins herself can indeed sing and has done so in some 1980s and early 1990s made-for-television productions, though her vocal range, describable as that of a contralto, is not nearly as wide as Circe's was said to be.


  • In DC Comics, there was a Siren who was an enemy of Aquaman and the Teen Titans. This Siren was NOT to be confused with the Dozierverse Siren whom this article describes.
  • She also teamed up with the Minstrel teamed in a plot to steal Timothy Tempo's antique piano.
  • She appeared on Batman 66 Comics 006 (2013)