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The Toymaker is an enemy of the Batman from The Batman.


Cosmo Krank was the C.E.O. of Krank Co., a toy company which created incredibly futuristic toys, many of which were falsely advertised as being "Approved". The "toys" could not be controlled properly, which caused many severe accidents to happen. When Bruce Wayne noticed that Krank Co's toys were more dangerous than fun, he led a campaign that eventually closed down Krank Co. for good. Enraged, Cosmo Krank blamed Bruce. Instead of learning from his own mistakes, Krank became a villain named "the Toymaker," and used his "toys" in attempts to get revenge on Bruce Wayne.

His first attempt involved launching a robot attack on a meeting held by Wayne to explain to Krank's former investors why the company was shut down.

His second attempt involved using a "Catbot" to make a "delivery" to Wayne manor, to kill Wayne.

His third attempt was to having a boy play with his toy robot, distracting the police while he made preparations to kidnap Wayne with his giant drill and take him to his mock plan of Krank Land. However, Wayne "escaped" while the Batman confronted The Toymaker, along with Detective Cash. He eventually lost his remote control to Batman.

He was later captured by Rumor, but he did not make a physical appearance.


The Batman[]

Season 3[]

Season 4[]

  • "Rumors" (In a photograph only)

Voiced by[]

  • Patton Oswalt (English)
  • Cho (Japanese)

In other media[]

  • Gotham: In the prequel series Gotham, the Toymaker moniker was originally used by toy manufacturer Griffin Krank, a hitman using weaponized toys and father of Cosmo. Griffin was hired by the Riddler to murder Lee Thompkins, but eventually intercepted and shot by Jim Gordon, implying that his son Cosmo would later take on the mantle of the Toymaker.
  • Batman: Arkham City: The Toymaker is referenced in Batman: Arkham City. In Amusement Mile, you can an abandoned Krank co. Toys building being used as a hideout by Bane (in keeping with his love of teddy bears).


  • Toymaker bears a resemblance to the Superman villain Toyman, a criminal that uses high-tech weaponry and gadgetry built into toys to commit crimes. The Toyman is often depicted as being forced into the life after losing his toy company, similar to Toymaker in the show.