The Trigger Twins are a duo of Western themed enemies of Batman and Nightwing. They share names and appearances with the Trigger Twins of DC's western comics from the 1950s.

Character History


The Trigger Twins are introduced in Detective Comics #667 (October 1993). They are Tom and Tad Trigger, a pair of criminals who resemble their Old West counterparts, although it is unknown if they are actually related. They first meet when they both decide, separately, to rob the same bank at the same time. Though shocked and confused at seeing how they look alike (in a move which exposes their faces to the bank customers) they decide to work together in finishing the robbery and escaping. They later try and make more money by robbing a local mafia numbers runner; despite two of his men being killed by the duo, the boss of the organization talks the twins into working for him. They soon set to work killing the man's adversaries. Later, the two encounter Azrael during a heist of a Gotham Subway train. A blonde, female criminal rescues them from a chain gang. She fools them into believing she is their long lost sister; this is a ruse to ensure their help in her plans. Robin and many other heroes, including Pow Wow Smith and Nighthawk help take them down. Much of the action takes place in a recreation of a classic wild west town/Gotham City tourist attraction in Robin Annual #6 (1997). Around this time, they are hired by Roland Desmond, operating out of the city of Blüdhaven.

Infinite Crisis

As with many other villains, the twins join up with the Secret Society of Super Villains. As part of an army, they are sent to destroy the city of Metropolis. Another army of superheroes face them. During what is called Battle of Metropolis, the twins are shot down in the street with Lady Spellbinder by a group of vigilantes that include Vigilante and Wild Dog who were perched on a nearby rooftop. This battle takes place in Infinite Crisis #7.

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