The Nabob of the Nile returns to Tut-ness after being hit on the head with a brick during a love-in. "Retired," he sets himself up in a tent on 6th and Albert streets as a public crime predictor. After 3 crimes Tut predicts (and perpetrates!) are committed, Batman and Robin pay him a visit---without much success. Later, King Tut has his cronies rob the soccer stadium and deliberately let The Caped Crimebuster apprehend them, delaying him long enough for Tut to plant a homing device in The Batmobile! Discovering that The Batcave is under Wayne Manor, Tut calls the house and demands to speak to Batman, not Bruce Wayne! Bruce denies Tut's accusing him of being Batman, so the doubtful monarch demands to back up his claim by appearing in public with The Caped Crusader simultaneously, or he will blow his cover. Later, Bruce programs The Batmobile to drive by itself and employs the use of a dummy Batman and the art of ventriloquism to confront the nefarious nabob. Thinking he has failed in his plan, Tut practically falls to pieces; he apparently recovers and predicts a raid to free Gotham City's archcriminals, luring The GC Police to the prion. Meanwhile, Tut snatches priceless Egyptian scrolls which will eventually lead him to the statue of a god, rumoured to give its possessor power to control the world! Becoming aware of the danger of the scrolls, Barbara Gordon switches to Batgirl and speeds by Batgirlcycle to The Gotham City Library--too late! She tracks the obese monarch to his hideout, where she is knocked unconscious by Tut's new queen, Shirley, and captured. The Dynamic Duo follows Batgirl's trail at the library to Tut's hideout, where, with a resuscitated Batgirl, thrash Tut and his Tut-lings. Later, Gotham City is shocked by the arrival of Louie The Lilac...




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