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The Wizard is a villain who only appears in the 1949 serial Batman and Robin.


The scientist Professor Hamill had an assistant by the name of Carter,who was secretly the masked criminal known as the Wizard. He had created a lair in a deep-dark down cave accessible only by submarine. Professor Hamill had invented a remote-control machine, which could control any motor-vehicle within 50 miles. The Wizard stole this remote-control machine, using it to commit crimes. The Wizard also acquired an invisibility device, which he used to commit crimes personally.

The radio reporter Barry Brown was under suspicion by Commissioner Gordon and Batman, because of his mysteriously accurate tips on the Wizard. Also under suspicion was Dunn the private eye, who was frequently found supposedly on the Wizard's trail.

Batman and Robin, with the help of Commissioner Gordon, were attempting to track down the Wizard. They acquired one of the Wizard's gloves, and were surprised to find Carter's fingerprints. They went to Hamill's estate to find Carter mysteriously shot. Subsequently, Barry Brown broadcasted a message to the authorities that the Wizard was not dead, warning of an imminent assassination attempt upon the Commissioner. As Brown was about to reveal the Wizard's identity, he was strangled by the invisible Wizard.

Batman and Gordon awaited the Wizard in Gordon's office, prepared to catch him. They were joined by reporter Vicki Vale, whom Batman provided with a special bulb designed to counteract the Wizard's invisibility. The invisible Wizard arrived, and attempted to shoot Gordon through the window. However, Vale saw the gun and snapped a shot, causing the Wizard to miss his shot. The picture revealed Carter's face.

Batman and Robin followed the Wizard and his men to their lair. They chased the Wizard, and were led up into Hamill's house. They found Hamill and Carter both quite alive. Hamill told them he was prepared to confess to being the Wizard. Carter told them that he and his twin brother had only been taking orders, and that it was his brother who had been killed by Hamill. However, Batman then jumped Carter, apprehending him, whereupon it was confirmed that Hamill had been coerced by Carter, as had Carter's brother.

The Wizard's lair had been in Hamill's basement, unknown to him. Its location had been hidden from the Wizard's henchmen by the submarine's circular path.