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Tiger Moth is a villainess and enemy of Batman. Together with her two partners-in-crime, Dragon Fly and Silken Spider, she operates as a costumed criminal in Gotham City.


Earth One[]

In 1966, an anonymous pop artist catapulted three third-rate villainesses (with first-rate measurements) to stardom. The trio of minor costumed criminals were Dragon Fly (a brunette with artificial antennae, a purple cape, gloves & boots), Silken Spider (another brunette in a one-piece black bathing suit, fishnet stockings, and a spider web sheath over her shoulders and arms) and Tiger Moth (a blond with an orange and black top & artificial wings, a black mask, and bare legs). The artist dubbed them World Public Enemies 1, 2, and Tiger Moth as 3, respectively.

The display of the paintings at the Gotham City Museum attracted a parade of men, including Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson. The duo was present when Poison Ivy crashed the scene, protesting that she was public enemy #1, her long career as a criminal overlooked because her crimes "were too perfect".

Eventually, Ivy sent letters to the alleged world public enemies along with a plethora of other felons from the "Most Wanted" list, each message suggesting that their rivals were the superior criminal. The note invited them to a neutral site in the country to hash things out. The F.B.I. is still trying to figure out how Ivy got their addresses.

Incensed, Dragon Fly, Silken Spider, and Tiger Moth each vowed to arrive at the rendezvous early and kill their rivals. Parachuting into a crowd of dozens of feuding criminals, Batman and Robin prepared to take out all the criminals. Taking flight, Tiger Moth and company stopped long enough to fight over a gold crown that Ivy claimed she would present to "the REAL no. 1 wanted woman criminal of the world".

"How thoughtless of me not to mention that I used shock-proof gloves to hold the crown," Poison Ivy belatedly added. "It's electrified just enough to keep you dancing a sizzling frug until the police get here." Tiger Moth and her disgraced accomplices were subsequently sent to serve out sentences in prison.

New Earth[]


In 1995, a flashback to Ivy's first appearance in Gotham revealed that Tiger Moth and her cohorts hadn't started out as criminals. Before turning to crime, the trio were a failed rock band. (Batman: Shadow of the Bat Annual #3).

Tiger Moth, Dragon Fly, and Silken Spider continued to operate in Gotham City as small-time criminals. They were later seen under the employ of Ra's al Ghul and the League of Assassins. (Batman: The Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul)

Tiger Moth was also one of the villains Batman had fought while training Stephanie Brown as Robin. She was apprehended once more when the Girl Wonder managed to take her down with a grappling hook. When last seen, Tiger Moth was one of the many villains led by Tapeworm participating in an ambush on the Justice Society of America.