Tim Curry voiced Mutro Botha in Batman Beyond and G. Gordon Godfrey in Young Justice. Prior to this he did the bit parts of Leon's Henchman and Robot Clown in Batman: The Animated Series.

Curry was the original voice of the Joker in the Animated Series. All season one Joker episodes were animated overseas based on his performance. It was decided that he needed to be replaced and Mark Hamill was chosen redub his lines in ADR. These recordings have yet to be released on home video but Bruce Timm has publicly shown a version of Joker's Favor with his voiceovers at events.

Characters Portrayed by Tim Curry in The Batman Universe

Joker performance controversy

I think what Tim was doing was very, very interesting. It didn't sound terribly organic to us. A lot of his line readings were just, they felt almost non-sequitur. They were just really weird and quirky but without any deep meaning behind them. Again, not to knock him, because I'm a huge fan. Still am. But it didn't seem-and it sounds weird to say this about the Joker-but it didn't sound natural. It didn't sound organic. Specifically, his laugh. It never really sounded like he was genuinely amused by anything. It just sounded like this weird, odd laugh. So that was the main thing.

The producers of the show have always given vague answers or dodged questions about Curry's replacement over the years.

When asked why Curry was replaced at SDCC 2017, Bruce Timm did not go into a detail simply alluding to it being a "difficult decision."[2] When Curry was asked about it at a convention a couple months later, he claimed it was because he had bronchitis.[3] In Back Issue! #99 published in May of 2017, interviews are presented in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the series. The topic is brought up, but bronchitis is never mentioned by anyone else involved, and Timm goes into detail why they felt he needed to be replaced. He reveals that Alan Burnett was the person who decided to push the issue, and Timm admitted he agreed. Andrea Romano lamented the decision, saying she loved his performance and fought against it.[1]


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