Titus V. Blaney was the school president of Gotham University, who praised Jonathan Crane as a brilliant wizard while working as the school's head of the psychology department.


With his own doctorate in psychology at Gotham University, Blaney was voluble in praising Jonathan Crane, staking his reputation not only on the young wizard's achievement, but also on Crane himself who appeared to be egotistical braggart. He eventually went as far to hire his talented student as the psychology professor when he himself rose to the job of school president. But when the faked outline behind the latter doctor's work was exposed and Crane was called before a university staff meeting, Blaney tried to overrule the staff's decision to fire his former student, but saw from the nature of the problem that Crane now appeared to be a fraudulent egotistical braggart, which to him wasn't good for the university or the fundraising effort and repute of the president.

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