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Tony Zucco appears in The Batman voiced by Mark Hamill in English and Kashii Shoto in Japanese.


 Tony Zucco was a part of a knife-throwing act in the circus. During one of his acts, however, Tony Zucco missed and cost him his father's life. Later on in life, Tony Zucco became a Gotham City mobster and he and his brothers used their intimidation tactics on all traveling acts and new businesses that came to Gotham City. His brothers are a strongman, a lion-tamer, and a juggler. When Hailey's Circus was in town, Zucco attempted to coerce the Grayson family to pay him protection money, but John Grayson would not stand for it. John's son, Dick Grayson, had called the police minutes after Tony Zucco first appeared in their big top tent and the call was intercepted by Batman, who quickly defeated Tony Zucco and his brothers, even managing to knock the lion-tamer out, allowing the police to take him away.

Seeking payback on Batman and the Graysons for the arrest of his brother, Zucco planned the death of the Graysons by removing two nuts from the railings of the Graysons trampeze act. While swinging back and forth, Mary Grayson noticed the loose bolts and looked at her husband, who quickly knew what would happen. The trampeze fell apart before young Dick Grayson's part of the act started and Dick watched his mother and father fall to their death. Going after and interrogating the strongman and the juggler, Batman attempted to defeat Tony Zucco himself for killing Dick's parents, but he was knocked out and then tied to a knife throwing board. Luckily for Batman, Dick arrived in the guise of Robin and freed Batman. After a fierce battle, Tony Zucco was eventually taken down by Batman and his new partner, Robin, and delivered over to the police.


Season 4

Voiced by

  • Mark Hamill (English)
  • Shoto Kashii (Japanese)
  • Thierry Murzeau (French)


  • Zucco was voiced by Mark Hamill, who is most well known for voicing the Joker. In the episode he appeared in, he killed John Grayson, who was voiced by Kevin Conroy, who is also well known for voicing Batman.
  • Zucco has heterochromia iridum, his eyes have different colors.
  • He and Basil Karlo are some of the few villains who were not captured by Rumor.