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Top Hat Joker was a member of a motorcycle gang devoted to the Clown Prince of Crime, known as The Jokerz.

He is one of the top Jokerz members, never shown alone, always among the leaders of the Jokerz, particularly J-Man.


Top Hat Joker first appeared chasing Terry McGinnis to Wayne Manor. However, when Bruce Wayne arrived to drive the gang off his property, he gave the Jokerz a beating with his cane. Top Hat Joker was the only one of the Jokerz not rendered unconscious, and tried to crawl to safety. Eventually, he escaped with the other Jokerz on his motorcycle.

In "Once Burned", Top Hat Joker got a beating at the hands of Batman.

In The Zeta Project episode "Shadows", Top Hat Joker tried, along with two other Jokerz, to rob Zeta, unaware of who it was. He was chased away by Batman.


Top Hat Joker always dresses in a long Black trenchcoat, blue pants, a bowtie, and of course,his trademark black top hat. His face is concealed by a white face mask with black lining around the eyes and mouth.


Batman Beyond[]

  • Season One
    • "Rebirth" (Cameo)
  • Season Two
    • "Once Burned" (Cameo)
  • Season Three
    • "Countdown"

Static Shock[]

  • "Future Shock"

The Zeta Project[]

  • "Shadows"

Countdown to Final Crisis[]

Top Hat Joker also has a counterpart on Earth-12. This counterpart of a parallel earth was seen by Jason Todd as well as Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, Donna Troy (Wonder Girl), and Bob the Monitor. He was defeated by the Batman of Earth-12 while attempting to rob a couple in the streets of a futuristic Gotham City.