Tracey Buxton was one of two high-ranking officers in The Penguin's Gang, alongside Candy, who acted as an enforcer and had a no-nonsense and tough-as-nails personality to match.


Batman: Arkham Origins

Specific details of Tracey's past were unknown, as were her reasons for serving Cobblepot, although it was likely that they met while the latter was studying abroad in the United Kingdom due to her accent. Penguin apparently intended to groom her to become his heir in the event that he no longer ran his criminal empire.

Tracey oversaw the Boiler Deck's Death Matches onboard The Final Offer, Penguin's main headquarters. When Batman entered the arena in an attempt to locate Penguin so that he could interrogate him regarding any information about Black Mask's whereabouts (due to the crime lord putting a $50,000,000 bounty on his head). Tracey ignored Batman's demands and had the Electrocutioner, one of the eight assassins after Batman's head, enter the ring to fight him. However, after Batman had effortlessly beat his would-be assassin with a basic attack, Tracey sicced all of Penguin's Henchmen gathered at the Boiler Deck to attack him under the promise of "supper." However, Tracey was forced to flee when it became apparent that none of Penguin's Henchmen were able to kill Batman, although he managed to pursue her. Tracey also witnessed Electrocutioner's escape and declaration of revenge (as Batman had failed to tie him up beforehand) and notified Batman and Penguin's Henchmen via the PA system. After storming throughout the ship, Tracey attempted to contact Candy to request assistance, although because Candy was in the middle of aiding Penguin in interrogating Alberto Falcone, she was unavailable to provide direct assistance. Tracey then sensed Batman behind her and attempted to hit him up with a Baseball Bat, but was effortlessly disarmed, and then locked up in a cage, to her protests as she was allegedly claustrophobic. At some point, Tracey somehow managed to escape from her prison and reconvened with Penguin just as Batman and another of the assassins after him, Deathstroke, confronted each other in the Boiler Deck. After Deathstroke's defeat, Tracey followed Penguin and Candy into his office, appeared in a video transmission to Batman when he attempted to barge into Penguin's Office to continue his interrogation of the crime lord, taunted the Caped Crusader, and presumably spent the night with Penguin.

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