Troy Baker provided the voice of Robin and Two-Face in Batman: Arkham City. He also provides the same voice for Two-Face and Batman in LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. Baker voiced The Joker in the video game Batman: Arkham Origins and the animated feature Batman: Assault on Arkham. He reprised his role as Two-Face and voiced Jason Todd in Batman: Arkham Knight. He also voices Batman and Thomas Wayne in Batman: The Telltale Series. That makes him the only person who have portrayed Batman, Robin, Joker and Two-Face.

Characters Portrayed by Troy Baker in the Batman Universe


  • Troy Baker is one of the few people to play both Batman and the Joker. He's also voiced three different characters who have held the mantle of Robin, Dick Grayson (as Nightwing), Tim Drake (as Robin) and Jason Todd (as Robin/Arkham Knight/Red Hood).
    • Baker has also voiced other DC characters, such as Superman, Braniac, Hawkman and Sinestro.
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