Batman manages to find Tut's hideout by tracing The Radioactive Batpellets he planted in Robin' utility belt with The Batgeiger Counter in The Batmobile. Using The Batlaser, he melts away the bars guarding the window to the crocodile pit. Then he swings across the room on his Batrope saves his pal just as the platform under his feet is completely yanked out! Returning to The Batmobile, Robin reveals that Commissioner Gordon's shapely temp secretary, Cleo Patrick, is actually a spy for King Tut, and his new Queen Of The Nile. Intent on warning The Commissioner of the danger, Batman calls Police HQ but gets Chief O'Hara; unfortunately, his warning is just a tad too late, for the unwaring Chief has already consumed Tut's paralyzing drug cleverly disguised as a vitamin pill! As The Dynamic Duo race back to Gotham, Tut appears at the office and on a whim commands O'Hara perform acrobatics outside on the ledge! While watching the Chief perform, Tut spots The Batmobile pull up to the building and he and Cleo beat a hasty retreat by elevator as Batman and Robin arrive to coax O'Hara off the ledge. Later, Gordon, under Tut's spell, meets The Caped Crusader in Jefferson Square Park and drugs his lemonade with an abu raubu simbu tu pill. Now apparently under Tut's sinister spell, Batman is led away with robin by Tut's Tutlings to The Apex Apothecary Shop. As The Corpulent King prepares to leave for the waterworks to spike the city's water supply with his drug, The Caped Crusader snaps out of his phoney trance and, along with Robin, topple Tut's men. The Nefarious Nabob escapes outside to his truck containing his abominable abu raubu simbu tu; fortunately, it refuses to start, giving The Dynamic Duo enough time to finish off his henchman and race outside to spill the truck's contents into the gutter. In attempting to prevent the flow of his precious bug juice, Tut accidentally swallows some of it, hoisting himself on his own insidious petard, and he becomes Batman's slave! Later, in Gordon's office, Tut reverts to his original self.


Batman and Robin meets The Greatest Mother of Them All, Ma Parker!




Behind the scenes

  • Van Williams cameos as The Green Hornet.
  • Bruce Lee cameos as Kato.

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