Tweaker is a adaptation of the supervillain Man-Bat, who in the comics was a scientist who inadvertently turned himself into a humanoid bat while searching for a cure for deafness.

First appeared in Gotham TV series he is one of Hugo Strange's experiments fromIndian Hill.

Tweaker was among the Indian Hill experiments that escaped from the prison transfer bus that was supposed to take them upstate. He and the other Indian Hill experiments started wandering the streets of Gotham

Six months later, Tweaker appeared as a member of the latest incarnation of Fish Mooney's gang where he assisted in the capture of Ethel Peabody. While there, he got into a scuffle with Jim Gordon and was arrested while making an attempt to flee.

He later appeared briefly during the Cataclysm.

The character was originally set to return for the show's final season, inspiring Bruce Wayne to use the image of a bat to take on criminals. However, the character was cut from the season due to a shortened episode count, along with Lady Shiva.

Powers and abilities


  • Wing manifestation: After being experimented on in Indian Hill, Tweaker gained the power to create retractable bat-like wings from his back.
    • Flight: Tweaker is able to fly using his wings.
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