Twister was once a disciple of Brother Blood and ultimately resigned from that life, becoming a member of the Suicide Squad.


Church of Blood

Twister was born in the small European country of Zandia. She became to believe the teachings of the Church of Blood. It was the dominant religion and headed by Brother Blood. She met Brother Blood and believed that he loved her. He believed her to have great potential as a subject for experimentation.

The experiments gave her psionic powers that would induce hallucinations. The side effects distorted her facial features and her mind. Twister traveled to Japan to get the aid from the Brotherhood and battled the Titans for the first time. She battled Cyborg in Zandia and he was able to escape when Twister's mother told her she loved her. She was able to escape when she used her powers to escape. The Brotherhood were captured by the Titans.

Suicide Squad

She later quit the Church of Blood, and joined the Suicide Squad, where she befriended fellow Squad member Plastique. When the Squad was divided into two battling factions by rebel Squad member General, Twister battled White Dragon. She had disabled him with her powers when she was hit by a duploid from the nearby battling Duplex and General, which broke her concentration. Taking this chance, White Dragon incinerated her. Enraged by her friend's murder, Plastique attacked and killed White Dragon.

Powers and abilities

  • Expert Illusionist
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