Two-Face's Hideout was the hideout where Two-Face and his thugs took refuge during his crimewaves in Gotham City.


The lair was located inside a forgotten maintenance area under a bridge by the river. Two-Face's bedroom was fittingly split in two with "good" and "bad" sides. The positive half was decorated his "good girl" moll, Sugar, while the other darkside of the bedroom was inhabited the woman known as Spice.

Discovered by the RiddlerEdit

It was here that Two-Face first met Riddler. Later, after the founding of NygmaTech, Two-Face moved his operations to Riddler's Headquarters on Claw Island.


The exterior set for Two-Face's Hideout in Batman Forever was inspired by the large faces seen outside Carl Grissom's office in Batman and particularly the one seen in Batman Returns on Max Shreck disappearance into the Red Triangle Gang's trap door under the face.


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