"This city needs a strong, decisive leader...or maybe not!"

Two-Face is a villain in LEGO Batman: The Videogame. Former district attorney Harvey Dent is a villain with a split personality. His every decision is dictated by a double headed coin, scarred on one side, which he flips to decide if he'll act for good, or for evil.


LEGO Batman: The VideogameEdit

Upon escaping from Arkham Asylum, Two-Face joins The Riddler, Mr. Freeze, Clayface and Poison Ivy in a scheme to rob Gotham Bullion Fortress.

Two-Face is first seen when he rescues the Riddler from Batman and Robin when they defeat Clayface by whisking him away in his armoured truck. Batman places a tracking device on the truck, and later confronts it in the Batmobile. The truck is destroyed in the battle, and Two-Face quickly departs.

After this, Two-Face and the Riddler directly attack Wayne Enterprises and steal a high-tech laser gun.

He is next seen together with Riddler as they rob the bullion. As the Riddler proceeds to the vault, Two-Face confronts the Dynamic Duo to delay them. When they gain the upper hand, he deploys his goons and races off to join the Riddler.

In the vault, the Riddler and Two-Face fight Batman and Robin together. Two-Face attacks repeatedly with his guns until he is beaten back by the Dynamic Duo, at which point the Riddler takes over his mind and forces him to continue fighting. Both villains are defeated, and sent back to Arkham.

Two-Face was last seen in his cell in Arkham Asylum, repeatedly flipping his double-headed coin until it falls out.

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super HeroesEdit

Two-Face first appears after The Joker crashes the Man of the Year award. When Batman and Robin reach the theater's main hall Two-Face attempts to defeat them, capturing one of the Award attendees in the process. He is captured and sent back to Arkham, but later escapes with the help of the Deconstructor. Two-Face can later be found atop City Hall, where he may be fought and purchased as a character.


  • On the console-version of the videogame, Two-Face is immune to toxins.
  • In the Nintendo D.S. version of the videogame, Two-Face is capable of implanting demolition-canisters.