The Unicycle Clown was a Red Triangle thug that rode a unicycle while terrorizing Gothamites.


Lighting of the Tree Ceremony

This clown was one of the many circus gang members that attacked the Lighting of the Tree Ceremony. When the Batmobile arrived at Gotham Plaza, this man was firing a Heckler & Koch MP5K into the air and chasing a female shopper. As they crossed a street tunnel the unicyclist was suddenly struck by the car and knocked on the hood. At the same time, a yellow hatted clown also dropped down onto the hood from the top of the tunnel and they began firing point blank at the windshield. The Batmobile sped down the road and slammed on the brakes at a small gift shop that a Firebreather was vandalizing, throwing the pair of clowns into the storefront window. They were likely arrested by the GCPD after the rest of the gang fled.

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