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Graphic Novels

Bruce Wayne - The Batman

These are the Batman Graphic Novels that I have read:


Live Action

These are the Live Action Batman films that I have seen:


These are the animated Batman films that I have seen:

Television Series

These are the animated Batman series that I have seen:


These are the games that feature Batman that I have played:

Nolan Series


I have got to hand it to the cast and crew of Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, what amazing films shame there won't be anymore!


Batman and Catwoman.jpg

Other Characters

  • In the reboot, if Catwoman or Talia isn't the love interest I'd say use Vicki Vale, Charlotte Rivers or Julie Madison.
  • A reporter named Clark Kent turning up maybe?
  • Dick Grayson, it would be cool to see him grow into Nightwing!
  • Barbara Gordon (the one that actually becomes Batgirl)

Justice League movie

Coming soon

To Do

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