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Vicki Vale was Bruce Wayne's girlfriend residing in Gotham City. She works for 'Picture Magazine'.


Vicki is an investigative photographer and girlfriend of Bruce Wayne. She first arrives at Wayne Manor where she was greeted by Bruce and Alfred. As Bruce and Vicki talked, Alfred sees the Bat-Signal in the sky. He secretly contacts Dick Grayson in the Batcave to send a phone call to Vicki to call her away, which he does.

While she was investigating Professor Hammil's house, Vicki gets her foot caught one in of Hammil's sand traps, but Batman and Robin rescued her, and Hammil apologizes to Vicki if he caused her any harm.

Throughout the serial, Vicki spends the most of her time trying to uncover the plot of the mysterious Wizard who was plaguing Gotham City with the stolen remote-control machine, but she ends up getting captured by the Wizard's men, as well as coming to odds with her brother, Jimmy who was working as the Wizard's pilot. When Vicki was captured and held prisoner by the Wizard's men, Batman attempted to rescue her, but he gets knocked out by an electrified doorknob. As Batman laid unconscious, Jimmy discovered him on the floor and dragged into another room, where he discovered Batman is Bruce Wayne when he removed Bruce's mask. Thinking quickly, Jimmy swapped his clothes for Bruce's Batsuit, and he runs out of the room where he somehow freed Vicki off-screen and tussled with the Wizard's men which led him to his death.

When the Wizard discovered a way make to himself invisible, Batman gave Vicki a special lightbulb for her camera to take a picture of the invisible Wizard. When the Wizard attempted to kill Commissioner Gordon in his office, Vicki warned Batman just in time when the Wizard fired his gun and missed, and she took his picture with the special bulb on her camera. After taking her camera to get the film developed, Vicki shows Batman, Robin and Gordon the picture of the Wizard who was Carter all along.

When Vicki followed Batman and Robin in her car, she was caught by the Wizard's men who tied her up in her car and sent it heading towards a cliff, but Batman thwarted the attempt and saved Vicki. After apprehending the Wizard and his men and putting a stop to his plans, Batman congratulated Vicki for her part of helping him and Robin with the caper.

Behind the scenes[]

  • How Vicki reacted to her brother's death was never seen.