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Vicky Vale was a news reporter and love interest for Batman in The Batman vs. Dracula. Due to her resemblance to Carmilla Karnstein, she became a target by the vampire Dracula.


A television news reporter, Vicki had dated Bruce Wayne, and was the lust object/love interest of Dracula. However, despite initially 'falling in love' with her, Dracula hypnotizes Vicky and uses her soul in a sacrificial ritual to revive Carmilla, his long-dead bride, rather than make Vicky into his new bride. (This ritual is referred to as "the blood wedding", and Dracula explains that Vicky "lacks the bite" he requires in a wife). Luckily, Batman stopped the ritual and saved Vicky, and then told her to run, which she did.

However, she didn't count on the Penguin waking up and chasing after her. After heading out of the crypt, she ran through through the cemetery and was just near the exit when the Penguin stopped her and grabbed her; she was able to fight him off (with a swift kick between the legs), and then ran in the opposite direction. She soon came to another crypt, which she hid in. However, Penguin soon recovered and ran after her. After finding her in the crypt, he then said "Here's Ozzy" (a la Jack Torrance (portrayed by Jack Nicholson) in the 1980 film The Shining), and chased her around a coffin for a bit (and accidentally landing on a pile of the hidden treasure he had been so eager to find). Finally, he caught her and pinned her against the wall.

It's hinted that Vicky knows Bruce is Batman, while she and Alfred discuss about what kind of affect his parents' death had on him.


Jose Lopez

Concept art by Jose Lopez.

  • She is voiced by Tara Strong, who voiced Batgirl in The New Batman Adventures.
  • Dracula whispers to himself that Vicky's last name "possesses a mysterious allure."
  • She doesn’t appear at all in the TV series.
  • Unlike in the live-action 1989 Batman film, where the Joker (Jack Nicholson) lusted after Vicky (Kim Basinger), in this movie, the Joker and Vicky never even cross paths.