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Victor Zsasz is a homicidal murderer who lived in Gotham City and butchered people for the mob as his profession.


Batman Begins[]

Rachel Dawes stated that Zsasz murders people for the mob and is one of Carmine Falcone's many thugs. Dr. Jonathan Crane testified in Court that Zsasz was legally insane and should be transferred to Arkham Asylum for rehabilitation.

During the Arkham Asylum outbreak, Victor Zsasz was released from the asylum alongside the other crazed inmates. In the streets of Gotham, Zsasz almost attacked Rachel and a kid but was stopped by Batman.

It is revealed in one of the promotional websites that at the time of The Dark Knight he is still currently at large.

Behind the Scenes[]

Video Game[]

Zsasz appears more prominently in video game adaptation of Batman Begins, with Tim Booth reprising the role. During the fifth level, he is imprisoned by Detective Flass in the construction building adjacent to Gotham Black Market. The detective attempts to interrogate him on who Dr. Jonathan Crane works for, but though Zsasz refuses to answer. He is later released by Batman, who cuts the chain restraining him with a shuriken. Zsasz chases Flass out of the cell, allowing Batman to interrogate him. Zsasz also appears in the final level of the game. Unlike the film, he terrorizes Rachel alone in one of the Narrow's train stations. Zsasz is distracted when Batman arrives, allowing Dawes to subdue him from behind.


  • When Zsasz in his being released from his cell and turns his head, one of his trademark tally marks is exposed.
  • In the movie, Zsasz has no dialogue and does not appear to be insane, unlike the comics version.
  • A promotional website for The Dark Knight reveals that Zsasz is still at large. His fate by the events of The Dark Knight Rises is unknown but it seems certain that he is either incarcerated, still at large, or deceased.
  • Zsasz's portrayal as a mob enforcer and hitman would later be carried over into his next two live-action appearances, first in the 2014 television series Gotham and then the 2020 film Birds of Prey. The Gotham incarnation also works for Carmine Falcone.