Walter Pfister is an informant for James Gordon who was located in Carmine Falcone's Black Market Club.

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Batman BeginsEdit

Walter Pfister was hired by James Gordon to give him information about the activities in Gotham City's black market, run by the mob of Carmine Falcone. After his fall, the market was still in use, and a microwave emitter was smuggled there by the League of Shadows after capturing it from a Wayne Enterprises ship. Batman headed to the club to find out what was stolen, not knowing the container's contents, and he needed to find Detective Flass to see who the other man in the Narrows, the man who was receiving the shipment, was. Batman covertly defeated most of the mobsters, and he got to Walter Pfister after logging into the camera system. After reaching him, he interrogated him, asking him where Flass was. Pfister told him that he was in another building, but that there was a supply trolley that went to the building, yet he did not think it worked. After this, Batman knocked Pfister out, and continued his search for Flass.

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