Warden Crichton is a recurring character in the Batman 1960s series. He was portrayed by David Lewis.


He runs the Gotham State Penitentiary, a maximum security prison for criminals and all other dangerous law breakers. However his main aim is to help reform the criminals that are captured into honest law abiding citizens instead of just punishing them.

For example on the Penguin's last few days in prison he allowed him to wear his own clothes instead of prison issue to ease him back into society and he later spoke kindly of the Joker when he noticed that he had been good after several months of his sentence and freed him ahead of time, even giving him a $10 bill to help him start a new life as an honest citizen.

He also has world famous philanthropist Bruce Wayne as his parole officer, whom unknown to him is also Batman who helps capture the criminals and is wanting just as much to help rehabilitate them. Though Police Commissioner Gordon admires Crichton's intentions, he isn't always certain that the newly released criminals have fully reformed and often makes known his negative opinion of parole. However as mentioned by Catwoman, Warden Crichton has been known to have succeeded in reforming a view criminals.


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  • In the comics, his first name is Robert, but it is never mentioned in the series.
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