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Warren McGinnis a research scientist at Wayne-Powers, is the father of Terry and Matthew McGinnis and ex-husband of Mary McGinnis. After Warren divorced Mary, Terry moved in with his father, while Matt went with his mother. This separation created problems with the family, and caused an emotional trauma to young Terry as he ran away from home and joined a street gang. Eventually, he was caught shoplifting, and spent three months in juvenile hall. Afterwards, family life improved a little, with Warren spending more time with his sons. Warren was murdered by Derek Powers and Mr. Fixx after he discovered his employers were creating biological weapons for a rogue nation, Kasnia. Derek Powers then framed the killing on the street gang known as the Jokerz. Meanwhile, Terry moved in with his mother and brother soon afterwards. Warren's death led Terry into an emotional breakdown, even though Mary tried her best to comfort her son. 

Young Warren and Mary McGinnis.

  • It should be noted that Warren is not the biological father of Terry, despite the fact that he did raise him. The Justice League Unlimited episode "Epilogue" revealed that Terry was Bruce Wayne's biological son. Government agent Amanda Waller, believing that the world needed a Batman, had arranged for Warren McGinnis' DNA to be overwritten by Bruce's genetic material by means of a fake flu shot. Since Warren McGinnis continued to carry Bruce Wayne's genetic material after Terry's conception, Matt is also the biological child of Bruce Wayne.
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