Wayne Enterprises is the company owned by Bruce Wayne that deals with all his international operations.


The Wayne Enterprises headquarters were in Wayne Tower in Batman Begins but is moved to this location in The Dark Knight.

The Dark KnightEdit

During a board meeting concerning a joint venture with Lau Securities, Bruce Wayne falls asleep causing concern to some of the other members of the board. After the meeting Bruce talks to Lucius about a new suit. Later on Batman breaks into the R&D department to use the cellphone sonar project to find The Joker. The original building of Wayne Enterprises (shown in Batman Begins) appears briefly during Stand-off Near Wayne Tower.

The Dark Knight RisesEdit

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Bruce visits Wayne Enterprises to talk about funds, after their conversation Lucius takes Bruce to the applied sciences department. He proceeds to tell Bruce he stockpiles the weapons there to keep them out of the wrong hands and shows Bruce The Bat. After Bruce Wayne loses his fortune, Miranda Tate becomes the new CEO and chair of the company, and Fox is the given the position of President.

After Miranda Tate's death and Bruce Wayne's assumed death, Fox is reinstated as the CEO of the company. All of Bruce's assets pay off his debts. Fox is faced with the task of repairing Wayne Enterprise's back to the thriving company it once was. After finding out that the Bats autopilot was fixed with a software patch six months previously. He realized Bruce is still alive.


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The Wayne Enterprises headquarters was filmed at the Richard J. Daley Center in Chicago in The Dark Knight.
  • The Wayne Enterprises headquarters was filmed at One Liberty Plaza in New York City in The Dark Knight Rises.

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